MBC19 - Semi-Float Compact


Along with Fire Pump Controllers, Master Control Systems manufactures a selection of UL Listed Battery Chargers. We have three different types:

MBC6:  An automatic mode switching, float-equalizing battery charger

MBC7: A manual mode switching battery charger

MBC19: An economical semi-float battery charger

MBC: Options List


Our MBC19 Battery Chargers are regulated semi-float, single rate chargers. Competitively priced but superior to unregulated “battery boiler” chargers and trickle chargers. A few example features are listed below:

  • Includes Crank Disconnect Relay
  • Fully Rated
  • Solid State Control
  • Output isolated from A.C. line
  • Line Compensated
  • D.C. Voltage Regulated

Our MBC19 Semi-Float Battery Charger is competitively priced, but superior to unregulated “Battery Boiler” chargers and trickle chargers.