FTI-10A: Automated Stored Diesel Fuel Maintenance System


Fuel Technologies USA is the leading producer of automated diesel fuel maintenance systems and diesel fuel tank cleaners for emergency power backup fuel filtering. The FTI-10A automatic backup fuel filtering pump is optimum for 1 to 4 tanks of 30,000 gallons or less. As with all Fuel Technologies USA automatic fuel filtration systems, FTI-10A is equipped with a cost-effective backup fuel filtering and diesel fuel tank cleaner system to ensure the quality and function of your fuel system when you need it the most.

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FM approved and NFPA compliant diesel fuel maintenance equipment
NEMA 3R compliant 2-door cabinet with zinc primer and powder coat finish
Affordable system for diesel fuel tank maintenance

Designed for rack or wall mount 48.0”W x 48.0”H x 16.5”D
Priming Tee, Sight Glass, UL Listed Controller
99% fuel sediment removal for best diesel fuel quality (1 Micron)

Nearly 100% water removal
Automatic Fuel Filtration runs on an optimum schedule, with automatic Shut-Off & Alarms for: Water Detection, Filter Saturation, Leak Detection, Flow Loss, High Pressure, and Motor Overload
Includes Modbus RTU Communications (contact your local authorized representative)